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What You Need to Know About Sponsoring a Child

Your sponsorship money supports Not Alone,which provides basic necessities such as food, clothing, safe and secure housing, and access to rights such as education, healthcare, and government services to children who have lost their father through death or abandonment.

A volunteer Representative (“Rep”), selected for service with Coptic Orphans by his or her Coptic Orthodox bishop, identifies children in his or her community to join the Not Alone program. The Rep is specially-trained to work with each child individually, in the child’s home, and serves anywhere from 15 to 40 children in the program at any given time. The personal relationship between the child and the Rep is at the heart of the Not Alone program. Coptic Orphans Reps form an extensive grassroots network that allows us to serve children throughout Egypt.

Every child in the Not Alone program must be enrolled in school, if school-aged, and achieve age-appropriate literacy as a prerequisite for entering the program. If the child is no longer enrolled in school, they are no longer eligible to participate in the program.

Every child in the Not Alone program receives regular financial support from Coptic Orphans through his or her Rep, who identifies the unique needs of the child. The Rep also provides mentorship, tutoring, and advocacy as needed.The Rep also coordinates the child’s participation in Coptic Orphans activities such as book fairs, recreational outings, and workshops on subjects such as hygiene or job preparedness.

Only a small percentage of children in the Not Alone program have a sponsorship relationship, though all are eligible. All Not Alone children are supported financially through the general pool of funds from sponsors and other donations. The Rep makes decisions on how to best spend the money allocated to the children assigned to him or her to maximize the opportunity for all the children in the program to reach their potentials, and responds to critical needs. The Reps are fully accountable for the money they spend, and are in close contact with Coptic Orphans management at all times.

The difference between a sponsored child and a non-sponsored child in the Not Alone program is the relationship between the child and his or her sponsor. Having a sponsor allows the child to access the intangible benefits of a caring, personal relationship through letters and occasional visits, as well as personal gifts on special occasions.

Every child in the Not Alone program is Christian. Since we work with the children in their homes, we would risk accusations of evangelism—illegal in Egypt—and be subject to severe penalties if we accepted non-Christian children into the program.

Sponsoring a child involves a commitment to that child. You will have his or her picture, and exchange letters and prayers with him or her. While you may choose to end sponsorship at any time, if you feel you may not be able to continue a personal relationship with a sponsored child, you might want to consider supporting children in the Not Alone program with regular contributions instead.