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Crisis in Egypt

Mubarak has resigned and Egypt is faced with uncertainty. This is a changing time for our country and it will surely never be the same. Despite the extreme unrest we still have major work to do. Here are some on-the-ground perspectives from key staff in the field. This is the news you won’t hear on BBC, but it’s the daily reality Egyptians are grappling with.

Rafeek, Middle Egypt Program Manager
"I have been following up with all of our Reps and families; all basic needs like bread, sugar, and vegetables have now tripled in price. Also, the situation for travelling anywhere is very bad because of the lack of trains and cars. If you find a car to travel from Beni Suef to Minya, you have to pay more than 80 Egyptian pounds while in the normal days it was for 10 Egyptian pounds. Please pray for us."

Sherry, Greater Cairo Program Manager
"I was supposed to conduct a training for a large number of Reps from all around the Cairo area on January 28th and I am thanking God that we decided at the last minute to postpone the meeting. As you know the 29th was the "Friday of Anger," which was when the mobiles were switched off as well as the internet. During the whole of last week I was talking with all the Reps to ensure that our children are fine. Thank God that nothing happened to any of them. I am staying in contact with our Reps to make sure that all of our children’s homes have sufficient food.  I am also making sure that all our children are staying safe and the boys are away from the street fights. The curfew made our home visits to check on the children a little difficult because of the crime in the street at night. The police stations still do not work and it is not safe to walk as a stranger anywhere. Every day of this week, I will be checking on the participants and their families. Keep us in your prayers."

Samir, Lower Egypt Area Program Manager
"It is a very unsafe and unstable environment. There are robbers and the mobs everywhere making our home visits difficult. We can’t visit with our family outside of Alexandria out of fears for our safety when we travel. Transportation here in Alexandria is very rare, and safety is not guaranteed. In addition, drivers are charging terrible prices, and available transportation runs only to and from the main cities. Pray that God put an end to this."

In the wake of soaring inflation for basic necessities and the difficulties on the ground, we need to dramatically increase our level of program support. We will be stretching our resources more than we have ever had to in the coming weeks and months, maybe even to their limits. Please pray that God will protect the fatherless and all who work among them, and multiply our resources.

Donate Today so that we will continue to be the stable force we have been, supporting our children and their families even as food prices and other costs continue to increase in Egypt.

We will be continuing to update you on the status of our children and staff as we receive more updates from the ground.

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- Nermien Riad - Founder and Executive Director