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The 21 Martyrs’ Families — More Ways You Can Help

Copts hold candlelit vigil to mourn the 21 martyrs, in Washington, DC, Feb. 18, 2015.
In one of many vigils held around the world, Copts in Washington, DC carry candles and display the names of the 21 martyrs massacred in Libya.

The martyrdom of the 21 has united Copts around the world. 

To make sure the bereaved families get the assistance they need, I wanted to share the many online channels by which you can show support:

Coptic Orthodox Church Centre UK
The Coptic Orthodox Diocese of New England and New York
The Good Samaritan
Santa Verena Charity
Coptic Orphans

Also, this Coptic archdiocese is delivering aid:

Archdiocese of North America
P.O. Box 373
Cedar Grove, NJ 07009

Another charity working in areas of need including healthcare, economic support, and social development in Egypt is St Marks Universal Coptic Care.

It is so heartening to see our community pull together and honor Isaiah’s words: “Bring justice to the orphan; plead the widow’s cause.”

Thank you for your prayers and support for the families.

Note: We’ve done our best to make this list as comprehensive as possible. If an appeal is missing, please send the link to info@copticorphans.org. We’ll do our best to make sure this blog post is updated to reflect additional efforts to aid the families of the 21.

The Copts Martyred in Libya — How You Can Help



141210_Libya Kids

Our hearts and prayers go out to the families of those murdered in Libya for their Christian faith. We know these families are feeling unimaginable pain because of the Islamic State’s atrocities, and we are filled with sorrow at the suffering of our brothers and sisters in Christ. We trust in God to bring comfort and solace to the martyrs’ families.

In the wake of this massacre in Libya, many people are asking how they can help.
In part, this is because of our efforts to support the families whose loved ones were massacred in Libya in 2014. You can read about those efforts here, and learn how, as always, we work with accountability and transparency, and always under the guidance of our Church.

In the larger sense, we are receiving these inquiries because Coptic Orphans exists for precisely these situations. Our programs are designed to be ready whenever an orphaned child in Egypt needs help. We currently support nearly 10,000 children in villages all across Egypt, and are blessed with a strong infrastructure of Church-based volunteers. In fact, we are already serving orphans in many villages, such as El Aour, where the families of those martyred in Libya live.

We began investigating the needs of these families when we learned the news of the kidnappings. While being respectful of the privacy of the mourners, we are beginning the process of enrolling the children affected by this tragedy in our programs.

Our aim is to ensure that these children get the assistance they need in the long term, even after the massacre in Libya has faded from the headlines. We’ve spent the last 25 years preparing to meet these kinds of long-term needs — and for those of you who have asked how you can help, you can do so by donating here.

Remembering the Children Who Lost Their Fathers in Libya

141210_Libya Kids

We all remember with sadness the killings of seven Copts in Libya in February of this year. Fortunately, many of you also remembered the bereaved families left behind.

When that terrible news reached the world, people began calling our office saying: “I want to help the kids who lost their fathers in Libya.”

I love it when our community takes the lead in this way. It shows our Egyptian heritage at our best and most compassionate. Coptic Orphans was already reaching out to the bereaved families, while respecting their privacy at such a difficult time. But the initiative to help — the “crowdsourcing,” as our young people would say — came from you.

Because accountability and transparency are very important to us, I wanted to share this information as an update:

Four families who tragically lost their fathers in the crime, all of them from the Sohag area in the diocese of H.G. Bishop Bakhoum, are benefiting from the $17,000 contributed by you and other generous Coptic Orphans supporters.

His Grace deposited the $17,000 in a bank account, where it is being held for the children of these families for when they come of age.

Additional donations from other kind donors and generous Church bodies have been distributed among three of the families to help them get through this difficult period of mourning and rebuilding.

The fourth family, whose mother had to leave the area where the above mentioned funds were distributed, has yet to receive this type of support. However, she has three children who will be enrolled in our Not Alone program in April, and they will be taken care of in the long term through this program.

Once the children of the fourth family come of age, they will also benefit from the money in the account created for them by H.G. Bishop Bakhoum.

Thank you for keeping these families in your prayers. Whether you’re sponsoring a child, made a special contribution to help the Libya orphans, or have helped in other ways, you’re part of the bigger whole, the community that stands for and protects our brothers and sisters in Egypt.

If you, like me, are concerned about the big picture for our brothers and sisters, please see How Can We Defend Christians? from my remarks at the first In Defense of Christians summit.