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How to Eat Well by Doing Good in Australia… In 4 Easy Steps

A lovely table and generous table, Oz style!
A lovely table and generous table, Oz style!

Dear Friends,
I’m happy to share this story from Australia today! It comes from Mary Loka, our donor relations associate. So grateful to these folks for being there for the children… good on ya, mates!
— Nermien Riad

Amidst all the preparations for Coptic Orphans’ 25th Anniversary Gala on Nov. 9 in Lilyfield, something extraordinary happened. It reminded me of the powerful spirit of volunteerism that lives in our Coptic heritage.

It all started last month, when I was approached by one of our sponsors. She wanted to organise a ladies’ fundraising dinner for Coptic Orphans within her circle of friends. Mariam is a wonderful and very organised lady with a generous heart for the orphans of Egypt.

Mariam did everything from A to Z, and we were just her cheering squad!

Here’s how she did it, in four easy steps. Well, it actually took a lot of hard work, but she made it look easy!

  1. She made a Facebook event to share the mission of Coptic Orphans with her friends, and started sharing Coptic Orphans videos every other day through this event page. That’s how she made people aware of our work and encouraged them to purchase tickets for the dinner.
  2. She booked the venue, and made sure her party would get a private room so that one of the Coptic Orphans board members could come speak with them without a lot of distractions.
  3. She networked and found many generous donors who donated a lot of gifts, which she then used for the dinner “goodie bags” and a raffle prize.
  4. She involved some beautiful young people from the church to help her put the goodie bags together, organise the raffle, and run trivia games during the event.

The dinner was sold out, the ladies had an amazing night, and they raised over AUS$2,000 for Coptic Orphans. Even better, they signed up to sponsor several children.

Hats off (on, actually) to the children of Egypt!
Hats off (on, actually) to the children of Egypt!

But what struck me the most was that 27 out of the 30 guests had never heard about Coptic Orphans before this dinner.

What Mariam did was more than just organise a fundraising dinner. She managed to spread the word in what would normally be a casual social event. She is an excellent example of a Coptic Orphans ambassador!

The youth crew - making a difference for Egypt!
The youth crew – making a difference for Egypt!

Many thanks from us at Coptic Orphans Australia to Mariam and her guests, who are making a difference for the children of Egypt!

By the grace of God, we are celebrating the 25th Anniversary of Coptic Orphans with Galas in Australia and the United States. We had the honored presence of His Holiness Pope Tawadros II at our Sept. 28 Gala in Canada, where he accepted the Leading by Example Award. Tickets to the Nov. 9 Gala in Lilyfield may be purchased online (where you can also get more details) or by contacting me at or 02-9787-9777

Congratulations — You’re a Grandparent!

Kid over my desk

It was a warm April morning in Minya when I sat down to chat with George. That’s when I found out you’re a grandparent.

Surprised? I was, too. It took being in Egypt, sitting there with George, to wake me up. To remind me that God decides what happens to the seeds we sow.

I’ve been at this for 25 years, but it’s not every day I get to meet someone like George, who was one of our kids, long ago. As we talked, he told me how he lost his father when he was only 12. Like most of our kids, he faced many hardships.

But something changed when someone like you made a choice — to sow a seed of hope and support for a small child.

For George, that seed became his university education, which blossomed into a good job in Qatar, which later created strong roots for his marriage. Now, over a decade later, he has a happy son and an adorable daughter. 

And that’s when it hit me: Wow. My kids have kids. I’m a grandmother. A Coptic Orphans grandparent.

And so are you. To God, we owe all the wonderful unfoldings and transformations in the lives of thousands of Coptic Orphans kids. He lets you sow, and then be part of what He chooses to let grow. Now you share in every achievement, every birth, every happiness of these children and the grown-ups they become.

You also share in this: George broke the cycle of poverty. God willing, this will also be true for George’s son and future generations.

It’s a miracle, in a way, and yet it’s exactly what we were told would happen in 2 Corinthians 9:6: “The point is this: Whoever sows sparingly will also reap sparingly, and whoever sows bountifully will also reap bountifully.”

Thank you for being one who sows bountifully. Thank you for being a supporter, and for working together with us for the love of the children of Egypt.

May there be many more wonderful grandchildren!

*Coptic Orphans photos are changed to protect the privacy of the child and his or her family