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Village’s Last Christian Woman: Would You Leave?


Imagine being the only young Christian woman left in a small village in Egypt’s south. Would you be intimidated enough to leave?

When Soheir lost her husband, she knew she had to face her community, one that looked down on women in general and Christian women in particular. There was no one to lean on and the support of her brother-in-law was too little to sustain herself, her aging mother and young son. Continue reading

New Report Confirms: Copts Out-Give Egypt as a Whole

Coptic Deacons chant the Nativity Liturgy at St. Mark's Cathedral, Cairo

The Hudson Institute just published a report on philanthropic freedom worldwide. It’s an interesting read if you want a global perspective on how easily–or not-so-easily–charities run around the world. But some figures it cites (from another study) are a far cry from what George Washington University and Coptic Orphans found in last year’s Coptic Diaspora Survey. Or what we know by experience in Egypt. Continue reading