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Egypt: So Just How Many are Really Illiterate?

Last week I had the good fortune of attending Coptic Orphans’ own Hanan Baky give a talk at the first-ever Global Summit on Childhood in Washington, DC. The summit drew 700, and was an impressive accomplishment of new director Diana Whitehead. I’ve written out the substance of Hanan’s talk based on my notes below.

There’s different data on just how many individuals are illiterate in Egypt. But cutting through to the real statistics is more difficult due to systemic problems with Egypt’s educational system.

There are currently three problems with the Egyptian educational system: the schools, the teachers and the curriculum. Continue reading

Learning Against All Odds

Aziz* is often the only person in his classroom. “The teachers normally don’t show up, and the other students never come regularly. I come because I want to learn and better myself.”

In other parts of Egypt students deal with overcrowded classrooms. Coptic Orphans has discovered that education is the key to pulling families out of poverty. But the Egyptian educational system is giving few of our children a chance to succeed.

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