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Teach Coptic Kids This Summer Through Serve to Learn!

Serve to Learn volunteers say they return home with a new perspective on life.
Serve to Learn volunteers say they return home with a new perspective on life.

It’s not what you expect.

Yes, the basic facts are simple: Serve to Learn is a unique Coptic Orphans program that connects young people from around the globe to Egypt, and this summer it will run July 4-26. When you take part, you’ll lead activities in English and share a journey of self-discovery and transformation with the children and communities of Egypt.

Sounds straightforward enough, right? But the reality is complex and the rewards go beyond what you could predict. You may be left with experiences that shape your thinking for a lifetime. Here’s what Serve to Learn volunteer Jimmy Bebawy says:

You go in thinking, ‘These kids look so happy… but they’re poor, so how could they really be happy?’ By the end of it, the tables turn. You know they are truly happy and you wonder, ‘Am I really happy?’  … I realized that my idea of happiness was only a 55” flat screen TV and an X-Box 360. But they have a heavenly happiness that I could not wrap my mind around. It sounds cliché, but I really mean this: I served at about a D- level. But I received at an A+ level from the children. I could not have paid any sum of money for what they gave me.

So how does it work? As a volunteer, you’ll travel to Egypt to one of several sites that range from bustling metropolises along the Mediterranean coast and Nile delta, to rugged villages deep in the country’s heart. Bishops from the Coptic Orthodox Church in Egypt will offer you hospitality for the duration of the journey. At the site to which you’re assigned, you’ll inspire vulnerable children by teaching English. And you’ll experience firsthand the injustices of child poverty by visiting the kids you teach in their own homes.

On the fence? Here’s another view of what Serve to Learn is like, this time coming to you from participant Lara Gerges:

People treated us like stars – not even as honored guests. I have yet to see warmth and love in a home like the homes we have visited … simple yet majestic!

Here’s one last way to look at it: You’re really needed. Your English skills can help boost the education of a young Egyptian, and just as importantly, help them understand that the rest of the world cares what happens to them in Egypt. So apply today. You can read more at our Serve to Learn FAQ, and fill out an application by clicking here. If you find yourself with questions, feel free to write Shereen Ibrahim. She can tell you more.

Again, it’s not what you expect. But that’s what makes Serve to Learn unique. You’ll return from it feeling fulfilled in ways you could never predict. Apply today!

iNPower Scholarships: Making Top-Tier University Education Possible for Egypt’s Best Young Students

Because Egypt’s future depends on connecting our most extraordinary students with a higher-quality education, Coptic Orphans has launched the iNPower scholarships. This initiative builds on all of the lessons we’ve learned in empowering 30,000 young Egyptians to improve their lives. 

iNPower Scholarships:

  • Fund the tuition of exceptional students who, through their own hard work and Coptic Orphans’ encouragement, are accepted into top-tier government university programs with smaller student-to-teacher ratios, more qualified instructors, and international qualifications
  • Prepare these students to leverage these improved educational opportunities into a better future by coaching them in professional and life skills

iNPower Students:

  • Show exceptionally high academic potential
  • Pass through a rigorous application process
  • Strengthen their volunteer spirit and ties with the Church

Why Now?

iNPower scholarships are urgently needed now because many of the young people Coptic Orphans serves are smart and hard-working enough to make themselves eligible for university. But they desperately need the iNPower scholarship’s extra boost.

iNPower scholarships empower these students to cope with a new and enormous change in Egypt’s public universities: the shift to two tiers. The almost-free but decrepit lower tier traps students in huge classes with poor instruction. The top tier, which iNPower scholarships pay for, features smaller classes and quality instruction. Graduates of the top tier are so sought-after that some firms send recruiters to wait outside classes. Imagine how the life chances of an orphan will improve with a top-tier degree!

iNPower scholarships are already helping to unlock many students’ God-given potential to climb from grinding poverty to self-sufficiency. With your help, we’ll multiply these scholarships and empower more orphans to enter top-tier programs.

What Can I Do?

You can make the future brighter for a promising student – and for Egypt – by donating to the iNPower initiative! To learn more, write to All donations are tax-deductible.

As always, thank you for supporting the work of Coptic Orphans!