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Working in Egypt After the Revolution

About a month ago, Mary Ayad, a friend of Coptic Orphans who is pursuing a doctorate in international law, asked how the January 25 Revolution in Egypt has impacted Coptic Orphans’ operations. We thought that the briefing we wrote for her would be interesting to others, too. 

Coptic Orphans has developed a two-pronged strategy for navigating realities in Egypt: first, work at change from the grassroots by giving power to the less powerless in society, rather than trying to wrestle power from the powerful; second, keep going until someone says, “no.”

Post-revolutionary realities in Egypt have made the organization more nimble and effective at what it was already doing best. The January 25, 2011 Egyptian Revolution has opened new doors for Coptic Orphans and—at the same time—put some obstacles in our way. Both have only deepened and strengthened the pre-revolutionary legal strategy of Coptic Orphans. There are two examples of this. First, Coptic Orphans’ strategy remains unchanged in the face of legal restrictions due to a perpetually stalled government NGO registration and perpetual emergency law in the country. Second, the revolution has actually supported the mission of Coptic Orphans for personal transformation among the country’s less powerful, despite apparent obstacles.
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