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Canada Copts Walk in Faith, Despite Egypt Uncertainties

Children from St. Mark’s Hand Bell Ringers regaled attendees

On Sunday, October 30, over 200 guests filled  the St. George Orthodox Center in Ontario Canada for our Walking With Him Fundraising Dinner.

The theme of the night  was Walking with Him to illustrate the need to walk in faith with God through all of the uncertainties in Egypt.  Fr. Pishoy Salama of St. Maurice & St. Verena, as well as Fr. Rueiss Awad, Fr. Joseph Louca, and Fr. Mikhael Armanios of St. George & St. Rueiss came to support the event with their attendance.

In addition to the dinner and discussion about Coptic Orphans’ work, guests were treated to a word and prayer by Fr. Rueiss.  Abouna Rueiss spoke on the importance of unity through this rough time in Egypt.  His words that resonated with the theme of the night:

We must never separate from our homeland Egypt, we are totally together in the Body of Christ…we have to remember that the problems in Egypt are permitted from God because He is the one in control. We have to remember that God is the one who looks after everything.

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St. Simon the Tanner and Tomorrow’s Prayer and Fasting for Egypt

Khalil Hamra / AP /

Yesterday Egypt saw the worst outbreak of violence since the January 25 Revolution after a peaceful demonstration sparked at least in part by the destruction of a church in Edfu, Aswan.

Earlier today the synod of bishops of the Coptic Orthodox Church called for Christians around the world to pray and fast for three days, starting tomorrow. On the mob confusion that broke out in the midst of the demonstration, the bishops said:

“We ascertain that our Christian faith doesn’t allow us to use violence of any kind.But we also know that strangers implanted themselves among our children and committed acts that are attributed to us. Coptic Christians feel that their problems are always being repeated without accountability and without the due justice of the law.

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Snapshot from the Field: Children’s Workshop

A workshop for Coptic Orphans participants teaching the value of unity in Nag Hammadi-Dishna          (Upper Egypt)

Coptic Orphans workshops teach children a wide range of concepts, from  personal hygiene to values about respect and tolerance.  We ensure that our children are aware of the events happening in their own back yard with the ever-changing environment in Egypt, instead of sheltering them.  After the Egyptian Revolution, workshops encouraged widowed mothers and older children to take an active role in their future.  Now we continue to reinforce  civic responsibility and pride through our age-appropriate workshops about unity.