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Nathan joined Coptic Orphans in 2006. It was his response to a call to help return Egypt's hospitality to the Holy Family on behalf of Christ Emmanuel and the Theotokos, after they changed his own life as a youth. He has a passion to fulfill God's command to "bring justice to the fatherless, plead the widow’s cause." (Isaiah 1:17, ESV)

Video: Coptic Orphans’ High Achievers in Cairo

A few months ago, Coptic Orphans held a High Achievers Ceremony celebrating children and youth who did great things: excelled academically, overcame tough challenges and perfected their talents.

Now, with the results of Thanaweya Amma (least year of high school) launching our youth into new futures, it seems good to revisit Nermien’s words at the celebration. Continue reading

Orphaned by Conversion?

Coptic Orphans has two criteria for accepting a child into our flagship program, Not Alone: the child’s father must be deceased, or the child’s father abandons the family — such as when the father have converted from Christianity. That’s because conversion in Egypt is permanent, and has permanent implications for children very similar, at best, to a father’s death.

Young Christian mothers look after their children at a home in the village of Deir Azra. (photo: Holly Pickett, One Magazine)

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