Was It Your Prayer That Saved Her?

Marina has overcome the obstacles in her path, including the challenge of learning to read.
Marina has overcome the obstacles in her path, including the challenge of learning to read.

“I like reading spiritual books, but I have a hard time finding them.”

Seems like a normal remark, yes? Unless you know that it’s from a blind girl named Marina in the tiny Upper Egypt town of Tema. Not long before I met her, she looked headed for a life of endless days sitting at home, illiterate, in darkness.

Now? Marina is teaching other children in her church to read and studying to become an educator.

What changed for Marina? She benefited from loving, education-focused care from Coptic Orphans. When I met Marina in July, she read to me from her favorite Braille Bible stories, her fingertips skimming swiftly over the pages. She laughed. She cracked jokes. She talked with confidence about her future.

Can you imagine this transformation? Was it your prayers that saved Marina from a home-bound life, and helped unlock her God-given potential?

I do know this: Every day, many of us pray for the kids. I believe Matthew’s words: “Ask and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock and it will be opened to you.”

I believe that in Marina’s case, we knocked, and God answered.

So I’m writing gratefully to share what I believe is the impact of your prayers, and to ask you to keep praying for all the children as the new school year arrives very soon.

Alongside your prayers, please also consider making a back-to-school gift to a child today by clicking here. Your gift can make a huge difference in that child’s life, giving them a critically needed extra boost of preparedness at the right time. Thank you.

About Nermien Riad

Nermien Riad founded Coptic Orphans in 1988 after volunteering for an orphanage in Cairo. When she saw that most of the children had living widowed mothers who simply couldn't afford to feed them, she gathered family and friends to sponsor children in Egypt. Today Coptic Orphans works through a network of 400+ church-based volunteers in Egypt, who visit fatherless families in their homes and make sure they get everything they need to unlock their full potential. That way, they don't have to get married off as child brides, work as 10-year old family breadwinners, or go to live at an institutional orphanage.