Coptic Orphans: A Beacon of Unity in Egypt

Muslim and Christian Girls, Valuable Girl Project – Sohag

While Egypt is going through the darkest days in its history with churches torched, businesses ransacked and innocent people killed, Coptic Orphans continues to plough through the religious divide and plants seeds of unity and harmony.

Despite the turmoil and violence hitting Sohag, and other parts of Egypt, Christian and Muslim girls came together to uphold the values of unity and tolerance. It is through such grassroots initiatives bringing a community together that trust and harmony can flourish. This year, the Valuable Girl Project is running in eleven locations with around 500 participants throughout Egypt.

About Hanan Baky

Having traveled as far as the Far East as a development professional, Hanan has finally found her home working for the orphans and widows of her homeland. She joined Coptic Orphans in 2006 since Egypt is at the core of her creative energies. Hanan has designed a number of innovative programs with a holistic approach to human development. She’s now communicating for a worthy cause.