Video: Injustices Facing Orphaned Children in Egypt

Many people don’t know that most children in orphanages around the world have living relatives or even parents. The same goes in Egypt.

So how do children with family end up in orphanages? The answer is in the special injustices that paternal orphans–or fatherless children–face in Egypt.

I created this video in 2009, but we never released it. I thought that you, our blog readers, should be the first to see it.

About Nathan Hollenbeck

Nathan joined Coptic Orphans in 2006. It was his response to a call to help return Egypt's hospitality to the Holy Family on behalf of Christ Emmanuel and the Theotokos, after they changed his own life as a youth. He has a passion to fulfill God's command to "bring justice to the fatherless, plead the widow’s cause." (Isaiah 1:17, ESV)