Coptic Orphans’ Response to Egypt Government Statement

Although Coptic Orphans has not received any notification from the Egyptian government, Al Masry Al Youm reported today that the Ministry of Social Solidarity denied eight applications for international NGO registration, including the application that Coptic Orphans submitted in 2005.

According to the newspaper, these applications were denied because “mechanism[s] of implementation [were] found by the Egyptian [government] [to be in] conflict with state sovereignty over its territory.”

We do not understand how working with orphaned children in Egypt to promote education and break the cycle of poverty could in any way conflict with national sovereignty.

Until the Lord calls us to stop, Coptic Orphans will continue to fulfill its commitment to the children. Village volunteers in local parishes will continue to visit orphaned families, renovate homes, and provide tutoring: all with the same support.  We have already taken steps to protect contributions, and will make sure that support reaches the field uninterrupted.

Coptic Orphans is legally prepared to challenge the decision in court.

“What then shall we say to these things? If God is for us, who can be against us?” (Romans 8:31, NKJV)

One Body in Christ,

Nermien Riad

Founder and Executive Director

About Nermien Riad

Nermien Riad founded Coptic Orphans in 1988 after volunteering for an orphanage in Cairo. When she saw that most of the children had living widowed mothers who simply couldn't afford to feed them, she gathered family and friends to sponsor children in Egypt. Today Coptic Orphans works through a network of 400+ church-based volunteers in Egypt, who visit fatherless families in their homes and make sure they get everything they need to unlock their full potential. That way, they don't have to get married off as child brides, work as 10-year old family breadwinners, or go to live at an institutional orphanage.