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Serve to Learn  







A Journey of Change and Discovery

Volunteers who have made the Serve to Learn journey say that above all they return home with a new perspective on life. They return home enriched by their cross-cultural exchanges, enhanced by their teaching experiences, and transformed by their encounters with children who possess so much love and joy despite the comparative little that they possess materially. 


“While standing in front of the kids in the last day, I looked at my class and all the other classes and all the other students looked unfamiliar, but my class looked dear. Looking at my class, I realized that the feeling of familiarity I had towards my class resulted from “El Eshra” or living together, I felt that I really knew these children, because I let myself know them. By opening up my heart and spending some time with these children, a relationship grew, I can say that I really built relationships between me and my kids.”

-Kirollos Barsoum (IN, USA)



“People treated us like stars - not even as honored guests. I have yet to see warmth and love in a home like the homes we have visited…simple yet majestic! After Serve to Learn, my mundane city life feels meaningless.”

-Lara Gerges (CA, USA)






Click here to see more videos illustrating past participants experiences during Serve to Learn.