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Civic Action, Local Partners


Tamkeen will provide a flexible rapid-response mechanism addressing female youth civic engagement needed in Egypt. The approach is based on providing civic action micro-grants, which in Tamkeen's first phase ranged from EGP30,000 (floor) to EGP60,000 (ceiling) to small community development associations, the majority of them village-based. In the next phase, now getting under way, the floor will be EGP175,000 and the ceiling will be EGP210,000. These grants will primarily promote civic action initiatives by mobilizing female school-aged youth to increase their civic education and engagement while helping community development associations build their organizational capacities.
Tamkeen is issuing one round of civic action micro-grants targeting a total of 41 community development associations. A second phase, now in the gearing-up stage, will target 15 associations. Each sub-grantee will then recruit female school-aged youth and organize activities to promote the civic awareness and engagement of female school-aged youth. Tamkeen will work with community development associations in targeted geographical areas to provide female school-aged youth with an equal opportunity to participate in Tamkeen activities, regardless of their race, religion, creed, or political ideology/affiliation.
Tamkeen is implemented through partnerships with local community development associations, which are uniquely positioned to play a major role in closing participation gaps and invigorating democracy. This is because they have these unique characteristics: 1) day-to-day contact with their local communities; 2) unique and trusting relationships with communities they serve; 3) a nonpartisan approach that new and infrequent voters may appreciate; and 4) an ability to integrate civic education and voter outreach into ongoing activities. Tamkeen will use a unique approach to engage female school-aged youth by 1) Awareness, through civic education; 2) Access, through the facilitation of civic engagement activities and provision of resources; and 3) Practice, in which the participants set the community platform for actual engagement through organizing events attended by their peers.

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Tamkeen builds the capacity of community development associations that support girls and young women in Upper Egypt through work with community development associations in Assiut, Minya, and Sohag.