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Coptic Diaspora Survey Findings


The World Bank estimates that emmigrants will send more than $350 Billion back to their home countries in 2012, far more than total US government aid. So what about Copts living outside Egypt? Beyond money, what further influence do Copts have on Egypt, and what are some areas they easily can have influence in?  

Those were some of the guiding questions behind the first large-scale survey of the Coptic Diaspora conducted in early 2012 by George Washington University in collaboration with and at the request of Coptic Orphans. 

The Report with findings is below.

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Video of the Findings Release, February 10, 2012 at George Washington University

Please Note: The information communicated in this video may contain errors, because the data was not yet final at the time of release; see the report for final information.



Q&A Session

A panel of experts including Dr. Jennifer Brinkerhoff and Dr. Liesl Riddle of George Washington University, His Grace Bishop Angaelos of the UK, and Dilip Ratha, Lead Economist and the Manager of the Migration and Remittances Unit at the World Bank, discussed the findings.