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Tamkeen & Developing Egypt Through Civic Participation


Egypt has a population of 82,079,636 of whom 46.4% are women. Egypt is going through a demographic transition with 62.8% of the total population between the ages of 10–29, and a youth cohort of 18 to 29-year-olds representing a quarter of the population.

In Egypt, there are many factors that work against encouraging civic engagement and women's wider participation in public life. For women in particular, civic engagement is often deeply influenced by patterns of parental authority emanating from family traditions, with unquestioning obedience at their core. The educational process is still heavily dependent on top-down instruction, with bottom-up critical analysis absent from most of the different stages of schooling and higher education. Differing interpretations of ethical and religious values are also responsible for two contradictory aspects of civic participation in Egypt: complete withdrawal and extreme opposition. There are huge disparities in participation levels, and there is evidence that outreach and civic engagement boost female youth participation.

Civic participation of school-aged female youth is not demonstrated just through periodic elections; it starts with full awareness and continued engagement in their communities by fostering an environment of belonging, dignity, and initiative capable of promoting leadership. In other words, political participation is not just the casting of votes – it is a way of life.

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Tamkeen builds the capacity of community development associations that support girls and young women in Upper Egypt through work with community development associations in Assiut, Minya, and Sohag.